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STA 13A Elementary Statistics

Please find the syllabus of this course here: Syllabus

This course introduces students to the basic concepts in Statistics: Descriptive statistics; basic probability concepts; binomial, normal, Student’s t, and chi-square distributions; Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for one and two means and proportions; Regression.

Table of contents for the textbook can be found here. But in my opinion, any elementary statistics textbook works, even old or free ones. You should not feel intimidated by $130 physical copy of the book (personally I would never buy it for that price), because there are tons of free materials online.

For those curious and ambtious students, learn R programming using the lecture notes from my beloved former teacher at Madison: link. I am sure you will like and find the materials there helpful (that is how I first learnt how to use R back in 2013).

Last but not the least, use the Google Form Link I promised in the discussion sections to provide weekly feedback. Thanks!

Basic Information

Teaching Assistant:
Liwei Wu

Office Hours:
Monday 2 - 4 pm, Room 1117, Mathematical Sciences Building

Other Materials

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